Our project



MOM Works is integrated within a real social economy project. We believe in and form part of an economy that functions more democratically, equitably, supportively, treating people more respectfully.


We have decided to work starting from the premise that human beings work better through cooperation than competition. This is our attitude internally as well as towards our external team and customers. It’s both more productive and provides more satisfaction.


Because that’s what we are and also how we treat our customers. Because…

MOM is always by your side and helps you with what you need.
MOM Listens to you, knows you and respects you.
MOM knows how to tell stories. She looks them up; she learns them and tells them to you.
MOM always keeps her promises and is never late.
MOM knows how to pamper your project, because it’s special and deserves the greatest care.
MOM shares your goals and works with you step by step to reach them.
MOM has a lot of experience and knows how to put your ideas into action.
MOM is never tired, no matter how much work there is to do, she’s always there, enthusiastic.
MOM helps you to get your ideas on the go, she gives you wings so you can take flight and be free.
MOM nourishes you and takes the initiative.