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El Rei

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Documentary series


6 episodes of 60'

Direction, production and script: Marta Hierro and Núria Abad

Photography: Juan Carlos Azpiroz

Production: Aina Núñez

Editing: Jaume Carlos Moranta, Juan Carlos Azpiroz and Ernesto de Nova

Graphics: Luis Ozonas

Sound: Marc Farre

​Grading: Jaume Alcina

A series produced by IB3 in collaboration with MOM Works

Selection at festivals

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"El Rei", a documentary series of five chapters on the intense relationship of the emeritus king with Mallorca, his influence and the consequences of his continued presence on the island. The series investigates the origins of Juan Carlos de Borbón's relationship with Mallorca, when he was only a child and spent the summer in Valldemossa with his brother. It was at that moment that an indelible bond was forged, which took him back to Mallorca when he was a prince and made him establish his summer residence in Marivent for decades.

But the link between Juan Carlos I and Majorca does not only have to do with his vacations. The highest international personalities have passed through Marivent, from the Queen of England to all the presidents of the Government. The presence of the king emeritus on the island also attracted people of all kinds, creating its own ecosystem that placed Mallorca at the center of social, political and economic life. “El Rei” investigates these events, their connections and the environments in which they took place, carrying out careful research in audiovisual, photographic and journalistic sources, and speaking with the testimonies that lived through this period in the first person.

The documentary research team has traveled throughout the national geography, Switzerland and France in search of these witnesses, to show the figure of the emeritus king, from its beginnings to the present, its lights and its shadows, and collect almost unknown images. . The result is a series that includes the voices of the most important Balearic, national and international personalities, all of them specialists in the figure of Juan Carlos I, to narrate a story that has Mallorca as its backbone, but that covers the entire life of the emeritus king.


Among the testimonies collected are childhood friends of Juan Carlos I, historians, researchers and journalists who covered the summers in Mallorca or who are currently investigating the activities of Juan Carlos. Among them are Maruja Torres, Matías Vallés, Jaime Peñafiel, Jaime Carvajal y Urquijo, Sylvain Besson, Carmen Enríquez, Mr. Josep Francesc Conrado de Villalonga, among many others. More than 50 hours of interviews to recount a link, that of Juan Carlos I with Mallorca, never told in depth until now.

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