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Maria and the lost movie


Documentary feature



Direction, production and script: Marta Hierro and Núria Abad

Photography: Juan Carlos Azpiroz

Editing: Oslaya Zapata

Sound: Marc Farre

Animation and graphics: Luis Ozonas

Music: Miguel Ángel Lozano and Miquel Brunet

Grading: Jaume Alcina

A documentary by MOM Works in co-production with IB3, with the support of the Institut d'Indústries Culturals de les Illes Balears, Consell de Mallorca, Fundació Mallorca Turisme and Mallorca Film Commission


Until now, Rosario Pi has been recognized as the first woman to direct a sound film in Spain: “El gato salvaje” (1936).  But, an investigation initiated by Filmoteca Española raises the possibility that there was still another previous title. It is about “Mallorca”, a short film located recently, and signed by María Forteza.

The discovery of the movie had a huge impact, not just in the media. Researchers, academics and journalists try to solve the big question that the film raises: Who was this pioneer of the beginnings of talkies? Nobody’s heard from her until now.

Maria Forteza’s artistic ability goes further. Her grandson Miguel Ángel begins a personal and creative journey with the aim of rebuilding her grandmother’s life in Mallorca and Barcelona, as well as her exile in Portugal after the Civil War.

His research reveals that she was a singer of zarzuela and greelé, but that she also brightened with her voice the silent cinema sessions that were starting to multiply. And it is that the world of varieties accompanied the cinema until the arrival of sound. Two worlds to which María belonged intimately.


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