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Documentary series


4 episodes of 60'

Direction, production and script: Marta Hierro and Núria Abad

Photography: Juan Carlos Azpiroz

Production: Victoria Morell, Aina Núñez

Editing: Jaume Carlos Moranta, Marian Ramis

Graphics: Luis Ozonas

Sound: Marc Farre

​Grading: Jaume Alcina

A series produced by IB3 in collaboration with MOM Works.


"Munar" is a four-episode documentary series about Maria Antònia Munar, a key figure in Balearic politics who fell from the top in a vertiginous descent after the courts focused on her more than ten years ago.

For decades, Maria Antònia Munar pulled the strings of the main institutions of the Balearic Islands, to the point that she ended up being baptized as "The Princess". Immersed in several of the most notorious corruption cases of which the archipelago has been the scene, more than eight years ago she was sent to prison with sentences that totaled fourteen years. Today, he has already obtained the third degree of prison.

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