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Our productions


2023 in financing phase

Dream Factory

Posthumous tribute to the figure of audiovisual producer Claudio Biern Boyd, father of cartoons such as "Ruy, el pequeño Cid", "Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds", "Around the World with Willy Fog" and "David, the Gnome".


Maria and the lost movie

A few years ago no one knew her and today it is suspected that she was the first sound film director in Spain. María Forteza and her film Mallorca made history and it had to be explained. The discovery of the mysterious film in the Spanish Film Library caused a stir among researchers, academics and journalists, who tried to solve the great mystery posed by the film: who was this pioneer of the beginnings of sound cinema?

Dorothea_1334 .jpg


Dorothea on the Rocks

"Dorothea on the rocks" is an animated adventure series, based
in the travels of the British paleontologist Dorothea Bate in the early
of the 20th century.


40 years of statute

"40 years of statute" is a documentary, produced by IB3 in collaboration with Mom Works, framed in the commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of our basic institutional standard, which analyzes the importance of self-government through the exchange of opinions between generations, anecdotes and experiences of both people close to the self-government decisions and anonymous citizens.

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"Munar" is a four-episode documentary series for IB3 Televisió about Maria Antònia Munar, a key figure in Balearic politics who fell from the top in a vertiginous descent after the courts focused on her more than ten years ago .

Captura de pantalla 2022-01-07 130128.png
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Memories of Puerto Rico

Carles and Luis embark on a trip to Puerto Rico to discover their origins, which begin in the 19th century, when the brothers Joan and Antoni Castañer emigrated from Sóller to Puerto Rico. A story about the reunion with the past, family stories and the search for identity.


El Rei

A six-part documentary series that offers a general perspective on the emeritus King of Spain, his lights and shadows, as well as his intense relationship with Mallorca.

cartel 3 EL REI.jpg
Retorn de Txernòbil 1.png


Return from Chernobyl

Since 2011, the Per Ells association has brought children who live in the areas affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to Mallorca to carry out a health program. The documentary shows the work of the association and the families, as well as the socioeconomic consequences of the disaster over time, as well as the capacity for individual and collective action to influence them.


Dorothea and the Myotragus

Documentary that incorporates animation to recreate the diaries written in the Balearic Islands by Dorothea Bate, one of the most important paleontologists of all time, a woman who fought against the gender stereotypes of her time and the discoverer of mysterious extinct animal species in the Mediterranean , among them, the mythical Myotragus balearicus.

cartel La Alcaldesa.jpg


La batlessa

Magdalena Mulet was one of the first female mayors of the Spanish State. The documentary discovers a character that today remains forgotten, and that is essential to build memory about the incorporation of women into municipal governments. In the background of the story is the difficulty of female access to political power, especially in the local sphere.


Balears fa Ciència

Researchers and entrepreneurs of all kinds work in the Balearic Islands within what is a guarantee for our future: science and innovation. "Balears fa Ciència" shows these men and women who build, with their effort and creativity, a productive fabric unknown to the population.

El viaje definitivo.jpg


The ultimate journey

Documentary that takes a tour of palliative care in the Balearic Islands, revealing the available resources, showing the quality of professional care to which citizens are entitled in the process of dying.

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