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Return from Chernobyl
Documentary feature film

Retorn de Txernòbil 1.png

Documentary feature film



Direction and script: Marta Hierro

Production: Marta Hierro and Núria Abad

Photography: Marc Farré and Alberto Jarabo

Editing: Luis Perez

Graphics: Luis Ozonas and Maria Ozonas

Sound: Marc Farre

A documentary by MOM Works in co-production with IB3 and the Per Ells association, with the support of the La Caixa Foundation and the Ajuntament of Sa Pobla


In 2011 a group of Mallorcans from the Per Ells association traveled to Belarus to find out about the living conditions of the children who live in the areas affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. They belonged to the Per Ells association, which every year brings affected children from Belarus and Ukraine to Mallorca. A few months later, these children arrived in Mallorca to carry out a health program. Among them were Iryna and Vadzim, two of the protagonists of "Return from Chernobyl", who are now adults and who are still in contact with their foster families. The documentary shows the work of the association and the families, as well as the socioeconomic consequences of the nuclear accident over time, as well as the capacity for individual and collective action to influence them.

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